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Agile Contracts: Creating win-win contracts for application development




Agile Contracts: Creating win-win contracts for application development which enable agility on both sides: Outsource without Compromising Agility or Increasing Risk


As Agile Software Development practices become more and more popular both customers and suppliers are looking to find ways to have more agile contracts. Contracts that reflect and exploit the benefits of an agile way-of-working on both sides of the relationship.

This hands-on workshop introduces and applies a number of simple but powerful tools to enable customers and suppliers to establish effective contracts that reflect their level of agility without constraining or compromising that of their partners.

Workshop Content
  • The agile contracting mind-set
    • Who’s affected and how they need to change their thinking
  • The three dimensions of agile contracts
    • Placing orders – what you buy and how you buy it
    • Constraints and Targets – what’s fixed and what’s variable
    • Collaboration, Governance and Payments – working together, tracking progress and releasing funds
  • Contracting models and their applicability
    • Get hands on with a dozen or more specific contracting models
  • Governance and staged payments
    • From the customer-side how to monitor and reward the work of your suppliers
    • From the supplier-side how to adjust and adapt to change on the customer side and release funds without waterfall milestones
  • Impediments to agile contracts and how to overcome them

Explore the barriers to establishing an agile contract and identify ways to overcome them.

Benefits and Take-Aways
  • Understand how agile contracting will affect all those involved in your organization including the managers, the developers, the sales people, the lawyers and those in procurement
  • Understand the different contracting models and when and where to use them.
  • Understand the capabilities that the customer needs to support the different contracting models and how suppliers can help or hinder the agility of their customers.
  • Understand the capabilities that the supplier needs to support the different contracting models and how suppliers can help or hinder the agility of their customers.
  • Understand the dimensions of agile contracts and their relationship to setting up and governing agile contracts.
  • Understand how to use contracts to manage risk without compromising agility
  • Be able to set up the appropriate contracts for your organization
  • Take-away a comprehensive deck of contracting model cards to help you work with your partners to select the appropriate contracting models for your circumstances
Target Audience
  • Project Managers / Program Managers  / Portfolio Managers
  • Product Managers
  • Development Managers
  • Procurement
  • Sales Managers
  • and anyone involved in setting up software development contracts.



Ian Spence is an experienced IT consultant, agile coach, author, trainer and public speaker with over 30 years’ experience in applying software methods to complex development challenges. For the last 20 years he has been helping people to adopt, and benefit from, agile, iterative, incremental, and lean practices.

As a coach and problem solver he has worked with companies as diverse as Sony Interactive Entertainments, Deutchse Bank, Ericsson, Michelin, Ford, Vodaphone, Inland Revenue, BEA Systems, Microsoft and Google. As an expert on scaling agile he is a SAFe contributor and SAFe Program Consultant Trainer.

He is the author of three influential books on software development: Managing Iterative Software Development, Use-Case Modeling and the Essence of Software Engineering.




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