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last update : 24/03/2016

Behavior Driven Change Workshop



Discounted tickets at €380 are available until 18 April for the DUBLIN date. Please quote code : EBIRDFAHMY1


Discounted tickets at £300+VAT are available until 25 April for the LONDON date. Please quote code : EBIRDFAHMY2


An incremental path to agility

A death march project that you are managing; a fractured relationship between you and your clients; a technology organization that has lost its drive, all require behavior change to reverse the trend. Many organizations default to violating Brooks Law : "Adding manpower to a late software project makes it later".

The difficultly lies in discovering what the behaviors are that need changing and how you go about changing them. Blindly adopting a framework without understanding what the organization is solving for can be harmful. This one day class introduces a simple pattern for organizations to incrementally change behavior.

"Overall, this was an excellent workshop, one of the best I have ever attended. It was both educative and fun." - Morgan Stanley

Who Should Attend

  • A scrum master or agile coach looking for new patterns to introduce into their organization.
  • Program/Project teams (Key Stakeholders, Development managers, project managers)
  • Development managers who are considering introducing agility into their teams
  • Organizations who want an incremental approach to agility
  • Any team that is looking to improve its performance

Class Outline (not exhaustive)

  • Empirical Process Control
  • Understanding change: Kotter's & Lewin's model for change
  • Deconstructing successful deliveries: Purpose, Urgency, Mastery, Team & Fast feedback
  • Create urgency and purpose
  • Generate behavior stories
  • Derive meaningful behavior changes
  • Generate high impact/low effort experiments
  • Create measurements that drive the right behavior

Course pre-reading will be sent via email.


Ahmad Fahmy

About the presenter

Ahmad Fahmy has over 15 years of experience in investment banking technology. He has deep domain knowledge and understanding of how to deliver large scale change/deliveries in complex environments. He is also passionate about volunteering with people and non-profit organizations that are trying to positively change the world.

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