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Introduction to Agile




The Introduction to Agile workshop aims to provide a fast track path to understanding Agile. It allows participants to get the best of agile teams, and to employ Agile practices themselves. During the day we look at the fundamental concepts behind agile and tackle some of the jargon. We then learn about the Agile approach to:

  • Requirements
  • Estimation
  • Planning
  • Delivery
  • Team structure.

Common Agile roles are explained, and compared with their traditional counter parts. We will also delve into specific challenges within the group. We cover techniques such as Scrum, Lean, DevOps and Kanban. The course is interactive and tailored to the people in the room, no prior knowledge is required, and it is applicable to any domain, not just software.

Course aim

This one­day course will introduce the concepts and benefits of Agile Delivery and is aimed at all those who want to know more about what Agile is, its Values, Principles and Practices.

Agile is an alternative way of managing project and product delivery where customer involvement is key. This has been demonstrated to lead to better quality and earlier deliverables.However Agile is not just about a process, but is about looking afresh at the way we do things, so this course will benefit those responsible for culture change as well as process change in organizations. Through a mixture of practical and theory work you will come to understand what Agile could mean for your organization.

The workshop is presented by seasoned Agile practitioners and coaches with many year's experience. They have experienced first­hand many of the problems associated with Agile introduction and its delivery. Their personal aim is to share this experience and help attendees in moving to Agile.

Course Benefits

At the end of this course attendees will understand the difference between an Agile and a traditional project delivery culture. In addition we aim to help attendees to understand how Agile could make a positive improvement in successful project delivery. In particular they will understand that Agile is more than a process - it is in fact a culture change in the way that it can be brought to motivate people and interact with the Business, Customers and Consumers.

Course Scope

The course will cover the following Agile Values, Principles and Practices

  • Agile & its Benefits compared to traditional project delivery
  • What is Agile Delivery?
  • Agile Manifesto ( Values, Principles and Practices )
  • Typical Agile Methods & Roles
  • User Stories
  • Project Lifecycle structure
  • Introduction to Agile Planning
  • Introduction to Agile Estimating
  • Prioritisation
  • Quality
  • Retrospectives

Delivery Method

  • Presentation
  • Practical exercises
  • Hand-outs

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