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last update : 15/06/2013

Introduction to Big Data And Analytics – Moving From Data To Decisions



Introduction to Big Data And Analytics – Moving From Data To Decisions


Big Data and Analytics are two of the biggest buzzwords around at the moment. It is going to revolutionize the ways we do business and is relevant to any organization, big or small, private or public, across all sectors. This course provides a non-technical introduction to this hot topic. The aim of the day is to demystify the ideas behind big data and analytics and provide practical insights of how companies can start leveraging data to better inform their decision-making. This practical and insightful course, delivered by one of the world’s leading gurus on the topic, will cover the main ideas and many practical tips and insights from global best-practice companies. No prior analytical or technical knowledge will be required to attend this eye-opening and fascinating one-day course.


Key Content

  • Why and how data is changing our world forever
  • Understanding the global data revolution and what ‘datafication’ means to businesses, big and small, across all sectors
  • Understanding Big Data and the 5 Vs
  • The top 10 ways big data us used today to deliver value
  • How to create a data strategy
  • How to identify the data that will answer your most critical business questions
  • Understanding the role of traditional metrics, KPIs and data 
  • Expanding the traditional data sets with big data
  • How business analytics are used today
  • Simple ways of turning data into insights
  • Best practice data communication and data visualisation
  • Ensuring insights get to the key decision-makers and are used to improve performance


Who will benefit?

Anyone who wants an up-to-date overview of how to use metrics and data to improve strategic decision-making. Basically any manager or executive who would like to drive more fact-based decision-making. It should also be of particular interest to anyone with an interest in business intelligence, analytics, or anyone with who works with key performance indicators and data.


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