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last update : 31/01/2017

High Performance - High Technology Teams



High Performance – High Technology Teams, Feb 8 2017, London



High Performance – High Technology Teams, Feb 8 2017, London

High Performing Teams (aka HPTs) have been consistently in the top leadership and management challenges for the last twenty years. During this period, the dynamics of teams has radically evolving in several very significant ways including:

    • Self-Managed/Collective Leadership Teams where the leadership role is distributed beyond a single team member
    • Cross Organizational Collaboration where different disciplines or functions within the organization and/or different organizations participate in a single team
    • Virtual/Distributed/Mobile Teams where at least some (sometimes all) team members are not co-located for meetings and day-to-day team operations
    • Massive Teams often enabled by social technologies such as LinkedIn or Facebook where hundreds and thousands of individuals work (or learn) around broadly common goals within "virtual communities"

This course provides a thoroughly modern and up-to-date approach for creating high performing teams which considers all these dynamics.

The course is highly interactive and experiential and uses a High Performing Teams Business Simulation to bring the learning to life.

Course Aim

This one­ day course will provide a hands-on introduction to the concept of High Performing Teams and how to develop them in your organization. The course will be particularly relevant to High Tech organizations who want to accelerate the effectiveness of their teams through the virtual technologies which they have already adopted (or are planning to adopt).

The course will centre around a sophisticated High Performing Teams Business Simulation which will be played by delegates (in teams) throughout the day. This simulation provides highly engaging experiential and social learning on High Performing Teams and is used by major organizations.

The course will be delivered by Ken Thompson who has written 3 books on teams and collaboration. Ken’s first book (Bioteams) has been very popular in IT communities who are using Agile methods are interested in more modern models of team. Ken’s background is in software engineering and the management of large scale projects plus a number of technology start-ups. Ken’s work has featured in major publications including The Guardian Newspaper, Wired Magazine, The Huffington Post and The Henry Ford Magazine. Ken has also spoken at a number of international events including TEDx, the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) and NASA conferences.

Course Benefits

At the end of this course attendees will understand how to assess a team's current level of performance and how to plan effective interventions which cover both the change management and process development aspect of creating a high performing team.

Attendees will also understand how the different types of virtual technology such as virtual meeting tools, messaging and virtual communities can be used to enhance team performance.

Attendees will have the opportunity to apply the techniques, tools and forms to the teams in their own organisation before the close of the training.

Course Scope

The course will cover the following:

        • The special challenges and opportunities of high technology Teams
        • An Integrated Model of High Performance in Teams
          • Change Management
          • Process Development
        • High Technology Teams and Virtual Team Technologies
        • Conducting a High Performing Teams Health-Check
        • High Performing Teams Business Simulation
        • Reflections and Learnings from the Business Simulation
        • The Evolution of Teamwork
        • The 7 most common mistakes teams make under pressure
        • Your own organizational teams – assessment and action planning

Delivery Method

Before the business simulation the necessary HPT theory will be introduced and discussed. During and after the business simulation, delegates will be given the opportunity to reflect on their learning and to apply the relevant techniques, tools and forms to assess and create an action plan for high performance in their own organizational teams.

Each delegate will receive:

        • A copy of Ken Thompson's book on High Performing Teams
        • A High Performing Teams Health-Check Calculator (MS-Excel)
        • A copy of the key forms for assessing teams

Target Audience

The course will cover the following:

        • Leaders in Operations, HR and L&D who are responsible for developing teams across their organizations
        • Leaders in Technology Functions who are responsible for the roll-out of collaboration and virtual technologies in the organization
        • Leaders of senior teams where each member of the team has their own team
        • Leaders of operational teams


Ken Thompson (Managing Director, Dashboard Simulations Ltd)

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