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last update : 15/03/2014

Quality and Performance Improvement: A workshop for Senior Management




Managing the organizational performance is a challenge that faces most organizations in this global market. You understand that whatever you produce, deliver or sell, there is someone out there who can provide the same thing cheaper. We are competing against companies in France and Germany, China and India, but also, increasingly, Brazil, Algeria, the Philippines and many more.

The difference between those and what you provide to your customers is your quality, your trademark.

The future of your company resides in your ability to produce high-quality at every level and every phase of your development process. This will, in turn, reduce the need for testing and corrective actions, thereby reducing both your costs and your time to market. Over the long term, we will also see a reduction in the expenses related to customer support, repairs, hotlines and others, continuously reducing your overhead costs and freeing up key staff to increase productivity.

Quality is directly related to the productivity and the creativity of the key staff members. By providing staff with policies related to clear outcomes and results rather than focused on activities, and supporting them with the implementation of a few key practices at every level of the organization, we can rapidly see the improved quality in many different industries.

Within this workshop, we will discuss the need to define quality in a challenging manner, measuring quality before it is too late and motivating team members. We will also see how to use a structured approach, such as the ones used by a number of models, standards and theories to increase performance rather than creating a rigid bureaucracy. Some 80% of all change management and improvement programmes fail. The failure can usually be traced directly to a mistake during the start-up phase of the programme. During this workshop, we will discuss how some of these traditional pitfalls can be avoided by remembering what is the real objective and how it is being produced.


The workshop is in two halves: first, we will have a presentation of some of the key issues and problems. This will be followed by an extensive question-and-answers session in order to ensure that the workshop can focus on your own problems, priorities and business.

The workshop is facilitated by Peter Leeson, who has nearly 40 years experience in business across the world, and about twenty years directly involved in assisting organizations change their culture and work habits in order to increase their performance and efficacy. He has worked in every continent (except South America and Antartica) and has demonstrated success in both engineering and service organizations, private and public, from 4 people to several thousand engineers. His focus is clearly set on increasing performance by understanding, measuring and reducing the cost of quality within the culture of the organization. At a recent conference, Peter Leeson was directly credited by one software organization for a 46% increase in revenue during the recent recession and the highest customer satisfaction results in the history of the company.

You could do it, too.

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