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The Agile PMO – Leading the Effective, Value Driven, Project Management Office



 Workshop Outline:

1.                   Introduction

·         Challenges with the modern project organization;

·         PMO role and responsibilities – traditional view;

·         Pain points and expectations.


2.                   Drawing the lines – the Agile PMO simulation for project portfolio management

·         First run – unstructured project organization;

·         Constructing solutions to the portfolio challenges: optimization global and local;

·         Handling change in the projects and optimizing the portfolio;

·         Simulation analysis – benefits of combined approaches.

3.                   PMO as value enablers – the hybrid approach

·         How can a PMO add value;

·         Concepts of waste and the lean exercise – brief tour of templates;

·         Delegates - analyzing traditional PMO and portfolios in their respective organizations.

4.                   The value driven Agile PMO

·         Portfolio challenges revisited;

·         Heuristics for scheduling - Kanban, Conwip and critical chain concepts;

·         Elements of Agility in a value driven PMO – constructing a vision;

·         Delegates – identifying opportunities for PMO agility.

5.                   PMO in an Agile organization

·         PMO roles and responsibilities in an Agile organization;

·         Least required set of PMO deliverables;

·         Interfacing to Agile– building on the options.


6.                   The Agile PMO

·         Planning and articulating the change;

·         Longer term planning;

·         Assuring long term value delivery.


7.                   Summary and takeaway

·         Delegate – compose the message to my organization

·         Personal implementation plan



Michael Nir
, voted as one of the best speakers at Nordic Project Zone Summit is the author of the bestselling book titled “The Agile PMO” – he is the President of Sapir Consulting - (M.Sc. Engineering) and has been providing operational, organizational and management consulting and training for over 15 years. He is passionate about Gestalt theory and practice, which complements his engineering background and contributes to his understanding of individual and team dynamics in business. Michael authored 11 Bestsellers in the fields of Influencing, Agile Project Management, and Team Leadership. His latest is Agile Revolution - Transforming From command and control scope to collaborative customer driven culture – discussing Agile outside software, in system and hardware environments.
Michael's experience includes significant expertise in the telecoms, hi-tech, software development, R&D environments and petrochemical & infrastructure industries. He develops creative and innovative solutions in project and product management, process improvement, leadership, and team building programs.

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