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Impact Mapping Workshop



Workshop Overview

Impact Mapping is a collaborative mind-mapping technique for kicking off projects and identifying project scope.  It ensures teams have a unified vision of project goals and a clear understanding of how scope elements and features contribute towards the desired business goal.  The use of Impact Mapping facilitates a visualisation of where value lies for stakeholders and project teams.  It demonstrates a clear line of sight between features and measurable business benefits, hence driving delivery of lean and high quality software.
The use of Impact Mapping helps project teams to break down scope into short term, medium term and long term business-value increments, facilitating the implementation of incremental delivery and iterative product management.  Impact Mapping helps achieve key buy in from business stakeholders on the philosophies underpinning agile and BDD practises and is therefore equally as valuable for project teams taking their first steps towards agile as more mature agile teams looking to improve quality and productivity.

Learning Objective

By the end of the session attendees will be able to apply the Impact Mapping technique to help them:
  • Identify measurable project goals, stakeholders and their needs
  • Deliver a visual statement of scope and a high-level product roadmap 
  • Prioritise high-level business capabilities that contribute most significantly towards the business case
  • Explore options and assumptions 
  • Align delivery teams with the business goal and vision
  • Bridge gaps and eliminate misunderstandings between business and technical teams
  • Switch business focus from cost to investment in line with incremental delivery of business value
  • Achieve a heightened understanding of the business domain


Suggested Attendees

IT Managers, Project Managers, Test Managers, Business Analysts, Testers, Developers, Product Owners, Scrum Masters.

Detailed Course Content

  • Overview
    Presentation of the Impact Mapping technique with examples, background including benefits and what the audience can expect out of the session.  Introductions.
  • Impact Mapping level 1 – WHY? Goal & vision 
    An interactive workshop focussing on the first level of the Impact Map.
    Explore the following; what is the business goal?  Why?  What is the desired business effect or business target? How will we measure how any future delivery matches the expectations?
  • Impact Mapping level 2 – WHO?  Identify stakeholders 
    Who are the stakeholders?  Who can contribute to or obstruct the achievement of the business goal?  Which stakeholders are the most important?
  • Impact Mapping level 3 – HOW?  Identify stakeholder needs and expectations
    How can the target group contribute to or obstruct the desired business effect?  What are their expectations? What kind of value are they looking for from the system?
  • Impact Mapping level 4 – WHAT? Identify features and business actions
    What features or business actions will help achieve the stakeholder needs?  Are there alternative approaches to achieving the same business effect? What is appropriate quality?
  • Prioritisation Techniques 
    Collaborative exercise demonstrating various prioritisation techniques helping to answer the following questions: Which activities contribute best to the business goal? How well do features address stakeholder needs?  How would we measure whether a software feature has been delivered or not? How much should we invest in those activities?
  • Summary & review 


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