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last update : 30/08/2017

Using AWS to create a scalable, available and secure environment



Workshop: How to take your web application and create a scalable, highly available and secure environment for it on AWS.

With AWS as the leading public cloud provider today you can run all your applications easily and securely.

By the end of the workshop you will learn the foundation AWS services like EC2, VPC, ELB, Auto Scaling Groups, to more advanced managed services by AWS like RDS, Elasticache, AWS ES and more.

In this workshop we will take a simple web application and we will create a scalable, highly available and secure environment for it.

We will show how to manage deployments, rollbacks and how to manage backups of the application data.

The design will look like this:

 AWS Workshop

This workshop contains the following activities:

  Working with the AWS UI – creating instances, load balancers, managing security groups and more.

  Working with the AWS CLI – using the CLI you have access to all AWS services and metadata you’ll ever need, you can create, edit, delete and manage all AWS resources.

  Common challenges surrounding high availability, scaling and security.

By the end of the day you will understand and know how to use AWS core services, we will use services that help us manage our applications easily and simplifies deployments.

This seminar is intended for beginners / intermediate delegates who aim to require knowledge and experience with AWS services.

Intended Audience

  Operation engineers
  IT engineers
  System administrators
  Devops engineers
  Software developers

Workshop Agenda

  Introduction to AWS services:
     Regions + AZ
      Show a map of AWS regions around the world
      Explain that every region is divided to ~4 AZs

      Explain the idea of object store
      Explain the SLA and how it is backed up around regions

      Explain the Concept, why use a VPC
      Explain the concept of VPC peering.
      Show a bubble of the structure and basic networking (subnets per AZ, routing, ACLs …)

      Simple DNS explanation.

      Load balancing as a service by AWS

     Autoscaling Groups
      Explain the concept of elasticity in the cloud

     Security Groups
      Explain the concept of stateless “gate” in front of ec2

     EC2 + EBS
      The heart of AWS, explain the concept of AWS virtualization
      (hypervisor, shared tenancy etc…)

      Just relational DB service by AWS

      Monitoring, logging and events triggers of ALL services

      Explain the concept of groups, users, roles and policies
      How a role and policy are being consumed and why is it important to differentiate services and permissions.

      AWS service that creates a full application architecture using other AWS services.

  Microservices – Microservices today has to be highly available, scalable, must have an easy deploy mechanism with little configuration and fast deployment.

  Create a web application using Docker on AWS using Elasticbeanstalk as a wrapper for EC2, ELB, EBS, RDS, Autoscaling Groups, Security Groups and more.


  Software Enterprises
  Financial sector
  Media companies
  IT companies

Who should attend:

  Software operations engineers
  IT system administrators
  Deployment and reliability engineers
  Devops engineers




Josh Dvir -Devops Architect & Managing Director @ DevopsPro

Josh DvirJosh is the father of 2 sweet girls, a software engineer and an open source contributor.
He has a vast experience in building large scale web applications and helping people to develop their professional path with the confidence to learn new things on a continuous basis and be proud of their achievements.


Previously, Josh established a few startups and served as a VP R&D in a few software companies.

He holds knowledge and experience in DevOps, Linux, Continuous Integration and Delivery.

His expertise also includes Cloud computing, Monitoring, Linux Containers, Version Control, Issue Tracking, Code Review, Development process, Application performance, Analytics, Auto Scaling and Durability.

Josh is a public speaker and invests his time to share his knowledge about how to overcome technical and business gaps by adopting the right solutions and practices.



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