To thrive in a competitive business environment, institutions must address concerns like deadlines and resource allocations to develop test-delivery applications that are secure and stable.

Agile, DevOps and Testing through an interconnected approach can achieve:

* Expedited time to market
* Better productivity and efficiency
* Capability to build products that are aligned to the client requirements
* Improved feedback mechanism
* Superior customer experiences

The need of these organizations today is to be continuously produce and deliver top-quality software products or services. This has put spotlight on methodologies such as Agile, DevOps and Testing. The close overlap among these three has led to refurbishing the approach and working culture in favor of a new paradigm in which quality deployment is an ongoing process.

DevOps approach is exemplary for institutions that aim to handle requirements and implement swift changes in the software development lifecycle. DevOps allows enterprises to address their pace and integration needs by incorporating a toolchain that cuts across the domain of development, QA, integration, management, and delivery.

No-silo rule is adapted by development and operations teams and is integrated to drive better collaborations. Within the Agile model of software development, developers create user stories comprising smaller bits of the build to get feedback loops and to align the product and services to fulfil requirements. Agile controls the development of programmes whereas DevOps brings code into production to enhance the entire process.

Today, all three are primary aspects of software development wherein agile lays the foundation for DevOps and enables teams to develop software quicker and Testing clears hinderances and disturbances.

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Author: Payal Agarwal