The quality of software testing needs to go through a phase of evolution be it in the field of functional or a non-functional testing. Let’s just call it ‘Metamorphosis’. The criticality of this phase is predominant which includes changes in availability, reliability, scalability, portability, maintainability, usability and that’s not all! There may not be one set benchmark or one method of testing, set for each stage of a product’s evolution, but a lot more. Each stage having a different set of problems that your organisation needs to overcome.

Using a mix of different testing tools and suiting up to the stages of product’s maturity will boost an organisation to continue scaling its testing. Each constraint narrows down the number of design choices, these are nothing but non-functional requirements. Every product owner is willing to develop a product as long as he or she can achieve the required set concurrent users. There is always a template available to a product, but there’s only one product that reaches the notch, the one with ‘out of the box’ approach, whilst satisfying the needs, wants and desire of the customer.

For example:

  1. A driver wants direction to be accurate 90% of the time, and even reasonable the 99th percent of time.
  2. As a user I want the website to be available 100% whenever I try to access it. If not, I will switch to another website.
  3. As a manager I want to keep a single database for all my needs, keep more than one will be frenetic.
  4. As a customer I want to run every possible software in a single operating software.

One needs to solve those pieces of puzzle.

Only if, we look beyond the blunt requirements of the dominion product risk market, we will get to see the true ‘Metamorphosis’. The only way to achieve this is by determining the amount of gratification the customer will get while using the software. This will completely define how good or bad the software went through the evolution phase.

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Author: Subham Gupta