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Agile Quick Start - ICAgile Certified Professional



During three packed days participants learn key Agile ideas and how to apply them.  Combining tuition, examples, exercises and an agile “simulation”, the Agile Quick Start provides in-depth practical introduction  to the world of agile.  

Your teams are effective immediately because of the realistic experience gained. Participation of Product Owners in the course helps build the whole Agile team. 

Philosophy, values and principles of Agile give a comprehensive grounding. Exercises help to make the ideas real to the attendees, giving them a deeper understanding.  

On the last day, we run a Agile project simulation game.  The team practice all of the ideas and techniques, demonstrating new knowledge and gaining understanding of how Agile delivers real projects in the real world. 

This training course is accredited by the International Consortium for Agile – ICAgile. The course fulfills the foundation learning objectives of the “Fundamentals of Agile" track. Successful completion of the course gives the participant “Certified ICAgile Professional” status

PMI® Accredited Course
This course is accredited with the Project Management Institute (PMI®) for 21 PDUs (Professional Development Units). The PMI® course code is: AFD26092014X 


  • How to participate in an Agile project
  • Team roles and responsibilities
  • Tools available to help facilitate the project
  • How teams cooperate and collaborate to deliver business value
  • Key interpersonal skills needed in Agile environments
  • How discipline and standards contribute to Agility 

Topics Covered By This Course
The genesis of Agile - where these approaches came from and why they work

The Agile lifecycle and iterations

Roles on an Agile project

The phases of an Agile project

Project initiation activities - making sure we start right, focus on value and build the right product

User Stories:

  • What's a story?
  • How big is a story?
  • Identifying stories
  • Characteristics & content of stories
  • What does “Done, Done, DONE” mean?
  • Quality stories
  • Stories & Epics
  • Estimating from stories
  • Release planning
  • Acceptance tests and verifying stories
  • Elaborating stories to be useful without wasting time or effort

Agile tools - big visible charts, things on walls, velocity, burn-up and burn-down

The “pulse” of an Agile project:

  • Iteration planning
  • Collaborative work
  • Make flow visible with the story wall
  • Daily standup
  • Showcase
  • Retrospective

Testing on Agile projects

Design and development practices in an Agile setting - TDD, continuous integration, refactoring, pair programming, simple design

Project leadership roles and responsibilities, how to nurture self-organisation

Working effectively in empowered teams

Listening and collaboration skills

Dealing with issues and conflict in the team

This is all reinforced through a fun agile project simulation game

Where to from here? 

Who Would We Recommend This Course To?
Team members becoming involved in Agile development

Project managers entering the Agile environment

Product owners

Ideal for re-baselining the entire team

How Much Of My Time Will This Take?
3 days


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