UNICOM Series in Information and Operational Technology

We are pleased to announce that UNICOM Seminars has entered into an agreement with the publishers CRC Press/Taylor & Francis Group, USA, to publish a series of multi-author books on Information and Operational Technology. The series aims to capture the evolving developments of Information Technology (IT), Operational Technology (OT), and their convergence. The announcement can be viewed here.

As part of this venture, we will be working simultaneously on the following volumes, with others to follow:

  • Testing, Agile, DevOps & Low Code: Methods and Tools
  • Effective Knowledge Management
  • All About Data: Integration and Technology Trends
  • Endpoints: The Power of Connectivity
  • Convergence of Digital Currency and FIAT Currency: Role of Central Banks shaping: Technology, Tax, Accounting and Regulations

What we plan to achieve in the Joint Publication Programme

With this co-publishing program in partnership with CRC Press and Taylor & Francis, we aim to promote our brand while also producing an appreciable book for practitioners in the aforementioned fields. Our goal is to rapidly publish a series of books that will help establish UNICOM-CRC Press as a brand leader. The work of all authors contributing to this series will be publicised regularly by us via digital media.

We are also offering some other privileges to all contributing authors. The publication team at UNICOM are willing to help write and fast-track the proposal approval process in case an author intends to write and publish a book with the same publisher (CRC Press/Taylor & Francis Group).

We extend an invitation to all authors/contributors who have been actively sharing their knowledge with other professionals in the field through conferences, workshops, etc. We believe that the UNICOM series in Information and Operational Technology can act as another channel for them to reach out to the professional community.

Call for authors

We are currently inviting contributions from experts in the above fields. We welcome chapters on relevant topics based on the contributing author's research and expertise. We are interested in chapters/case studies on current tools and technologies that would be useful for professionals in the aforementioned fields. We are also keen to fast-track the proposal approval process in case an author intends to write and publish a book with the same publisher.

Experts in the above fields who are interested in contributing can send their proposals for independent volumes/abstracts for multi-author books to Dhira Mitra : or Asmita Bandyopadhyay: