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last update : 15/06/2013

Organisational Intelligence in the Public Sector



Learning Objectives

This workshop provides a broad survey of the state of the art, and explores a range of practical opportunities for holistically increasing the intelligence of your own organisation and its ecosystem. You will learn:

  • How to identify the human and technological blocks that reduce the effective intelligence of your organization.
  • How to design, implement and integrate human and technical systems to enhance organisational intelligence
  • How to distribute intelligence throughout your organization for maximum benefit.
  • How to justify your investment in organisational intelligence.
  • Examples of innovation from a range of public sector bodies.


Benefits to your organisation

  • Understand how to manage ever-increasing levels of business complexity
  • Understand how to evaluate and manage the cost-effective use of advanced technology
  • Find a common language and framework for strategic business change 


The Presenter

Richard Veryard is a systems thinker and technology analyst based in London. He has written widely on business and technology innovation, including books on information modelling and management, software economics and the component-based business, as well as a great many research articles and reports on such topics as business modelling, service-oriented architecture and enterprise architecture. He has taught courses at City University, Brunel University and the Copenhagen Business School. He is currently the Director of the Next Practice Research Initiative, and he can be followed on Twitter as @richardveryard.

This workshop is run by the Next Practice Research Initiative in association with UNICOM Seminars Ltd.  It is also available as an in-house workshop.


Delegate Comments:

“The workshop in December was extremely valuable and as a result of the experience I was able to place some of the organisational development issues we’re facing at Durham Constabulary into a different context. We’re currently faced with a major restructure including a re-think about our approach to organisational intelligence. I’m involved in scoping the requirement for a new directorate which pulls together all of the elements involved in managing our intelligence processes. The workshop helped me to more clearly understand the scope and scale of this challenge and the corporate implications across all of our service areas.” - Paul Unsworth, Durham Constabulary


"Do you care if your organisation is intelligent? If you do and are in UK, attend one of Richard's seminars on organisational intelligence." - Carmen A. Medina former CIA Director for the Center for the Study of Intelligence


"I found this course to contain a high density of interesting, useful and new ideas from a teacher who has some depth. I would recommend it to people interested in improving their organisation." - Tom Gilb, Teacher, Author & Consultant

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