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last update : 10/08/2018

BCS (ISEB) Programme & Project Support Office (PPSO) Advanced Practitioner Certification





This certification has been developed from the support team's perspective and contributes towards the status and professionalism of PPSO staff and this is a Practitioner level course (passing the Essentials level exam is a pre-requisite).

Programme and project support roles are becoming increasingly pivotal in their overall contribution to Programme and Project Management. The Advanced Certificate in Programme and Project Support Office (PPSO) has been developed from the support team's perspective and contributes towards the status and professionalism of PPSO staff.

Learning outcomes:

Candidates can expect to gain knowledge and understanding in the following upon successful completion of this certification:

  • Produce Terms of Reference for the Programme / Project Support Office
  • Produce the Business Case for the Programme / Project Support Office
  • Design the Programme / Project Support Office
  • Set up and staff the Programme / Project Support Office
  • Set and maintain service level agreements for business level and project level services


 Demonstrate the ability to tailor / apply PSO Advanced techniques to a given scenario:

  • Programme and Project Lifecycles
  • Programme, Project, Product and System Development Methods
  • Support Tools
  • Dealing with non-programme or non-project work
  • Dealing with difficult situations
  • The Business Case(advanced)
  • Marketing the PSO
  • Keeping the PSO current


Advanced Level Course Contents:

  • The Programme and Project Lifecycle - Why and how an organisation commissions the contents of its portfolios of programmes and projects.
  • The role of the Programme and Project Requester and the Programme and Project Sponsor-Why they are needed and what they provide.
  • The Role of the Master Plan Committee-The role and the function of the Master Plan Committee and why it is vital to the organisation.
  • Programme and Project Management Methods - Why they are needed and their composition.
  • Progress Reporting and Timesheet System s- The different type of progress reporting and timesheet systems and how to select the right one.
  • Dealing with Business as Usual and Non-Project Work-why this needs to be dealt with by the PSO and how to do it.
  • Advanced Business Case Techniques-Allowing or Uncertainty and Risks
  • Other Programme and Project Support Services-The other services the PSO could provide
  • The PSO terms of Reference and Business Care-how to design and implement appropriate Terms of Reference for the PSO.
  • Designing a PSO-The recommended process for designing a PSO that meets the organisation's needs.
  • Project Support Tools-The types and ranges of tools available and how to select the right one
  • Selling the PSO to the Organisation-How to sell the PSO to the organisation at its start up and through its lifetime.
  • Plus Case Studies
  • Examination (the written part of the exam is taken on the final course day and an aural exam at a later date agreed with the candidate)

Target audience

The Advanced certificate is aimed at those who have a more strategic role to play in PPSO functions. The Advanced Course is for:

  • Those who have successfully completed the Essentials (foundation) level and passed the examination (this is a pre-requisite for the advance level course).
  • It is ideal for Programme & Project Support Office Managers with two years relevant experience and
  • Programme & Project Support Office Consultants.


The duration is five days in total. The course comprises four days of teaching and the exam takes place on the morning of the fifth day.

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