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last update : 20/01/2016

Behaviour Driven Development - Overview - The Feedback Onion



Workshop Overview

Behaviour Driven Development is an agile methodology describing a framework of shared tools and processes to help business and technical teams collaborate on software development 


Although BDD incorporates principles of Test Driven Development as well as Domain Driven Design, it is much broader than that. It is a communication framework useful for all business stakeholders, testers, analysts, project and program managers giving teams a single coherent vision to which to deliver. 
Delivering business capability incrementally allows businesses to get valuable feedback on their ideas and products at the earliest opportunity, allowing them to evolve quickly and get return on investment in the shortest possible time. 
Collaboration improves communication, heightens understanding and fosters shared ownership. 
The Feedback Onion covers the principles, processes and techniques of BDD with a view to:  
  • Helping teams Maximise Opportunities for Feedback (MOFF) at each stage of the development process using a structured collaboration framework
  • Helping teams leverage outputs from development processes by structuring them within a Living Documentation System.


Learning Objective

By the end of the session attendees will be able to:
  • Communicate BDD principles and techniques and how they help businesses evolve quickly and deliver business capabilities in the shortest possible timeframe
  • Understand the BDD collaboration framework in order to
    • Use collaboration tools at the appropriate stage in the project and for the right audience
    • Plan lean delivery cycles with a focus on business value and getting feedback on business ideas and products at the earliest opportunity
    • Chunk down complex problems into prioritised increments of delivery
    • Give structure and process to agile teams to help them deliver the right thing
    • Maximise opportunities for feedback at all levels of collaboration within their organisation.
  • Communicate the value of collaboration techniques such as Impact Mapping, Story Mapping and Specification by Example and understand how they map to development processes within their organisation.
  • Understand How to implement a Living Documentation system in order to
    • Leverage all development outputs and documentation to make them highly useful for the whole team using plain English
    • Move towards more maintainable and higher value regression test automation by using executable specifications
    • How to implement BDD methods and processes in easy, bite-size steps without the need for a transformation programme or huge disruption.


Detailed Course Content

  • Overview - Overview of BDD including background, benefits and what the audience can expect out of the session.  Introductions
  • The Feedback Onion – Layers of the Onion An interactive session with a view to understanding different layers of collaboration within an organisation and what type of questions and feedback those different collaboration layers need in order to stay on track
  • Collaboration Framework - Overview - An overview of the BDD collaboration framework with a view to understanding which collaboration tools suit different layers of the business most effectively and how the flow passes from one collaboration tool to the next.
  • Collaboration Framework – Group Exercises. Hands on group activities and exercises to demonstrate the various techniques, using case study project examples moving through the project lifecycle.
    • Lean Canvas
    • Impact Mapping
    • Dream Demo Visualisation
    • Story Mapping
    • Specification by Example
    • Continuous Acceptance
  • Living Documentation – What is it? An overview of living documentation principles and different tools available.
  • Bite size steps towards a living documentation system. An interactive discussion with worked examples with a view to answering the following questions;
    • How do we achieve a single source of truth?
    • How do we maximise longevity and re-use of our documentation? 
    • How do we achieve executable specifications? 
    • What should we automate and in what order?
  • Summary and Review


Suggested Attendees

IT Managers, Project Managers, Test Managers, Business Analysts, Testers, Developers, Product Owners, Scrum Masters.


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