DevOps is the bridge closing the gap between Development and Operations and bringing them together. In a more straightforward way, it means that the developers i.e., the people who create software have views that were exceedingly different from the people in operations i.e., the people who run the software.

DevOps is without a doubt hot at the instant and is revolutionizing the workplace, making DevOps engineers a valuable part of the corporate. New technologies and tools crop up continually in DevOps, so ideally, DevOps authorities have to be curious and inclined to hold up the tempo of change.

Join us at World Conference Next Generation Testing where we will look at the current tooling landscape for DevOps adoption and the factors that we will need to consider while choosing them for our own context in a presentation by our esteemed speaker, Nivarti Jayaram, Chief Data Officer, Societe Generale

Come let us meet and listen to the discussion on the best practices to excel in DevOps and explore its transformative powers for your industry and stay connected with the latest trends in DevOps and get a chance to network with your fellow participants and speakers.

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Author: Debjoy Guha