Tools play an integral part in successful adoption of DevOps within an enterprise

DevOps is the bridge closing the gap between Development and Operations and bringing them together. In a more straightforward way, it means that the developers i.e., the people who create software have views that were exceedingly different from the people in operations i.e., the people Read More >

23 September 2021|Blog|

Correlation between Agile, DevOps & Testing

To thrive in a competitive business environment, institutions must address concerns like deadlines and resource allocations to develop test-delivery applications that are secure and stable. Agile, DevOps and Testing through an interconnected approach can achieve: * Expedited time to market * Better productivity and efficiency Read More >

21 September 2021|Blog|

Jump-start your Non-Functional Testing, today!

The quality of software testing needs to go through a phase of evolution be it in the field of functional or a non-functional testing. Let’s just call it ‘Metamorphosis’. The criticality of this phase is predominant which includes changes in availability, reliability, scalability, portability, maintainability, Read More >

21 September 2021|Blog|
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