Knowledge Management

Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM)

Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM)

  • UNICOM in partnership with Knowledge Management Institute (KMI) offers the #1 Certification in Knowledge Management, available in a convenient, virtual class format.
  • Join your peers online and earn Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM) Certification in just a few days.
  • Class meets Mon-Thurs, 09:00 – 16:00 CET (Central European Time), and all are welcome to join from other time zones.

Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM)

Course dates

31 October – 3 November 2023

27-30 November 2023

4-7 December 2023

22-25 January 2024

26-29 February 2024

25-28 March 2024

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What is the CKM? The CKM program is KM Institute's flagship course, delivered in up to 15 countries yearly, with many thousands Certified since 2001. The CKM designation has become the global benchmark for both quality learning and competency in the Knowledge Management field.

This virtual class includes expert instructor-led lecture and breakout sessions, designed to engage participants in real-life scenarios and applications to your personal and organizational challenges.

Who Should Attend?

The CKM is ideal for anyone tasked to lead or improve a KM initiative - anyone interested in gaining a solid grasp of common KM principles at an advanced level with actual "hands-on" experience performing KM.


There are no prerequisites, and no technical background is required. CKM Graduates range from newcomers to seasoned KM managers and practitioners, content managers, project managers, IT as well HR professionals. We serve individuals and teams from public, private, and military sectors, non-profits and NGO's.


$2500 USD

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If you book this course via UNICOM, we offer you a free ticket to any one of our conferences during 2024, e.g. including: "Transformational Knowledge Management: Information, Process, Technology and People" - this event is held in Manchester, UK, 8 February 2024 and Amsterdam, Netherlands, 25 April (with online attendance option).

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25-28 September 2023
Further information & registration
31 Oct – 3 Nov 2023
Further information & registration
27-30 Nov 2023

Further information & registration
4-7 Dec 2023